How to purchase wholesale directly from CreateSpace

Simple Simon ISBN-10: 1477624996

Simon Says ISBN-10: 0615559573

Endings: Poetry and Prose ISBN-10: 1516836936

Myths and Rhymes ISBN-10: 1479233919


Wholesalers or bookstores may apply for a CreateSpace Direct account. This is a distribution option that enables qualified buyers to place wholesale book orders for member titles directly with CreateSpace.

Book resellers may apply for an account by visiting

These are the eligibility requirements:

1) You must be a licensed business and provide an active reseller certification. NOTE: Any sales through the eStore are still subject to sales tax.
2) Simple Simon, Simon Says, and Myths and Rhymes, by author William Poe, are enrolled in Expanded Distribution (ED) and are eligible for wholesale prices via CSP Direct.

After submitting your information, CreateSpace will validate your qualifications for access to CreateSpace Directís wholesale pricing and notify you of your status within one business day.

Titles with CreateSpace have the following discounts when available via CreateSpace Direct:

Purchase Discount from List Price through CreateSpace Direct:
Libraries - 20%
Retail - 35%
Distribution - 45%